Decentralized apps - dApps

A "dApp" is a digital application or application that exists and runs on a "blockchain network".

A standard application / program, such as Twitter, runs on a computer system that is owned and managed by a single organization / company. This gives this company / organization full authority over the application. With a standard application, there can be many users of the same application, but it is managed by a single organization.

A "dApp", in contrast, is run on a decentralized network (blockchain). This makes the application open and accessible to all users. Nor is it governed by a single authority / organization. If Twitter had been developed as a "dApp" and run on a "blockchain network", all users would be able to publish messages. Once a message had been published and run on the network, no one, not even the developer of the "dApp" could delete or moderate the contents of this message.

"dApps" has many uses, which is why many large companies / organizations spend a lot of resources on research on the subject.