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Closing words and the way forward

Cognitive bias

There is a known effect called: The Dunning-Kruger effect. This is a cognitive bias that states that people with limited knowledge and competence in a social or intellectual field, incorrectly overestimate their own characteristics and abilities in these areas.


Dunning Kruger Effect effekten

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This effect is something you should get acquainted with and think carefully about when entering the world of finance. When you first start investing, you may come across some great deals and make money. It's easy to think that investing is easy and that this is something you master. But remember, in finance you are competing against the smartest minds in the whole world. It is extremely difficult to create solid growth year after year, without incurring great risk. In the beginning, this risk can be inflicted without you even knowing about it yourself.

Tips and tricks

When you are at the beginning of getting acquainted with companies and sectors, as well as judging if a company is cheap or not. We recommend that you do not read "click-bait" articles from financial newspapers, promising words from forums, or the like. Read books, familiarize yourself with fundamental and technical analysis to discover what suits your investment profile.

Feel free to read more here at Game of capital, to increase your ability to have opinions and analyzing abilities to judge if a stock is worth investing in or not. You have to understand that most media and web pages have an agenda. Today we live in a click-bait environment, it's often fear and FOMO which generate the best income for these sites.

We do provide a financial forum, where you can share opinions and experiences with like-minded people. The forum can be found here. It can also be smart to have a chat with a friend or relative
with experience in finance before you start investing.

Managing risk is the MOST important thing you can learn when it comes to investing. If you make big losses, it can take a long time to get back to where you started. We have therefore created our very own dedicated topic for risk and risk management. It is strongly recommended that you read through this.

As mentioned in the introduction, stock trading can be both lucrative and educational. We thus hope that Game of capital can help beginners and advanced investors gain a greater understanding of the topics in finance.


We wish you all the very best in your path to growth.

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closing words the way forward final investing and the way forward closing words and the way forward