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Equities, mutual funds, bonds, options, cryptocurrencies, and commodities. With so many investment opportunities in finance, it often becomes overwhelming for many.

Some professionals dedicate their lives to studying the vast landscape that exists.


How can a beginner find out which investments will be profitable? How to start investing in the financial world at all?

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Welcome to Game of capital. The site that wants to help increase knowledge and interest in finance and investment.


Investment can be both wise and lucrative to get acquainted with. Game of capital has a desire to make this topic easy and accessible to everyone. There are many opportunities, but also pitfalls. We want to shed light on these and give you the opportunity to make more rational investment choices in the future.

We have pages that are adapted for beginners who want a general understanding of various topics in the world of finance. We also have content for more advanced investors who want to increase knowledge, learn about new principles or strategies. All different themes and genres can be found in the tab section.

Game of capital has information and offers knowledge in genres such as these and more:

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